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Jane Doe

Raid Group Score:
Rupture (862)

Raid Group Gear:
Eats Smashed Kegs (953.9)

Raid Group Achievement Points:
Eats Smashed Kegs (17,343)

Player Raid Score:
Qemuel (610)

Player Gear:
Moggles (977.5)

Player Achievement Points:
Istra (25,715)
Welcome to WoW!

This Site started as an internal progress tracking tool for the World of Warcraft Guild Jane Doe on the Terokkar-EU Realm. The system has been refined and now I'm happy to release WoW Cups to You!

WoW Cups is an unique site where you easily can compare progress in different Raid Groups.
For more information, click About WoW and for help, click WoW Cups FAQ.

WoW Cups revolves around Portals, which is a place where Players and their Raid Groups easily can be compared against eachother. Here are the three most active Portals:

  Portal Cups Raid Groups Players Create Date
Jane Doe 11 4 74 2010-11-01
Raiders of the Glomp 4 3 11 2011-07-07
Go to the Portals Page read more about portals and find a list of all currently active Portals.

Player Gear Score and Guild Ranking
There are already a number of good Player Gear Score and Guild Ranking pages out there (Wow-Heroes and GuildOx to name a couple of them) and WoW Cups doesn't compete with them about ranking all players and guilds.

Become a Better Player
I'm sure you know about it already but if you need help to become a better player there are some great pages out there and I'd like to name a few of them: Elitist Jerks, Tankspot, World of Logs, Wowpedia, Wowhead, MMO-Champion, Curse, WoW Insider and Ask Mr Robot.

Thanks to
I'd like to express a few special thanks: Wowhead (for the hover service), jQuery (javascript lib), Open Flash Chart 2 (Flash Chart lib), Enjin (Guild Web Page Hoster), Daemund (Logotype Creator), Jane Doe (my Guild), Verde (my Guild Master), Mutilate (my Raid Group), Moreanna (my wife) and last but not least, Blizzard Entertainment for making World of Warcraft.
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